One Universal Ethical Basis For Us All

בסיעתא דשמיא

The world's existence is preserved through 3 things;Torah study, Prayer & Kind Deeds. For society to flourish mankind as a whole must come to appreciate the importance of, Truth, Justice & Peace & conduct itself accordingly. Within the great Family of Man, each individual has his or her path within a path. Yet there is ONE Universal ethical basis for us all. Accept upon yourself the responsibility for peace & oneness in our world - world peace as a value goal. That will herald in a new era & a renewed world. A world of truth, wisdom, harmony & peace!

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it ."

Monday, February 28, 2011

Beauty & Dignity To Life

The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions. Our inner balance and even our very existence depend on it. Only morality in our actions can give beauty and dignity to life

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gods Own Pleasure Garden

God only orchestrates our lives in a way that is good and meaningful.
Everything bad is ultimately good. When God's justice seems askew the very things that seem "bad" are only good that has come in disguise - not as a means to an end but an end in itself. Our minds engage in conflict to comprehend between good & bad happens so that we can strengthen our faith and trust in God -The Creator Above.

We must know that this World is not a dark, sinister jungle, but a garden. And not just any garden, but Gods own pleasure garden - A Divine garden full of rainbow colours, of natural beauty, fragrances & wonder. A garden of vegetation & revelation. A place where God desires to be with all His essence.
If the taste to us is bitter it is only because we must first peel away the outer shell to find the fruit inside.
Sweet is the flower of kindness that blooms. Combat the pain in the world with goodness.

In God's garden it is always daylight. No darkness of the night but blue skies overhead so bright. Here we have nothing to fear because God is always so very near.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spiritual Career

There was a time when people did not have careers. People did not live to acquire material wealth. People worked to earn enough for their families to eat that day, with a little extra saved for a special occassion. Today we are slaves of the houses, cars & the gadgets we must acquire.

The natural tendency is to treat matters of the spirit as luxury items - sort of an appendage to life. Eating, sleeping, making money - these things are given priority & the time dedicated to them is sarcosanct. But prayer, meditation & study fit in only when you feel like it, and are pushed aside on the slightest whim.
You've got to make your priorities faithful to your inner self. You've got to ask yourself if this is what your life is all about. Set a schedule for spiritually enriching activities. Be as tough with that schedule as a workaholic would be with his business.

Just as you search out a material career, so too you must also search out a spiritual one. But there is a difference: With a material career you can only plow & sow & await the rains. With your spiritual career you must provide the rain as well - in other words, it is up to you to fill it with life of spiritual Godliness. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

Do Not Ignore A Needy Person

This deed is based on the verse (Deut. 15:8) "But you shall open your hand wide." The Hebrew word "tzedaka" comes from the root tzedek - "justice" and "righteous." We are commanded to give generously to those in need. All that we own is through G-d's generosity. Therefore, it is only right and proper to support others less fortunate than we are. Even a poor person is obligated to give charity, even if only a small amount.
It is a prohibition to ignore a needy person

This deed is based on the verse (Deut. 15:7) "Do not harden your heart nor shut your hand from your poor brother." G-d wants us to share what we have and give charity generously. Be cautious not to ignore a needy person.

A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money