One Universal Ethical Basis For Us All

בסיעתא דשמיא

The world's existence is preserved through 3 things;Torah study, Prayer & Kind Deeds. For society to flourish mankind as a whole must come to appreciate the importance of, Truth, Justice & Peace & conduct itself accordingly. Within the great Family of Man, each individual has his or her path within a path. Yet there is ONE Universal ethical basis for us all. Accept upon yourself the responsibility for peace & oneness in our world - world peace as a value goal. That will herald in a new era & a renewed world. A world of truth, wisdom, harmony & peace!

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it ."

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why Is It So Important To Keep The Seven Noahide Laws?

Why isn’t it enough for me to live by my own personal values and morals?

The Seven Noahide laws are the laws that God gave to the world, in order for the world to be a civilized and peaceful place. If every person would make his own laws, according to his own intelligence, they would change according to the person’s maturity and changes in circumstances.

The world would be a jungle, each person living according to his/her changing values. God created the world and wrote a manual by which we need to live. Just as any electronic device company writes a manual for every device it sells.
God gave a manual for all the nations of the world. This is the code that never changes, since it is a Godly one.

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bracha said...

Thank you Creed of Noah.
I enjoy reading your blog.
You give me direction every day.
I love your choice of pictures, too!